BASIC-O held at Philippine Children's Medical Center

            In line with its strong culture of volunteerism, PSYSC in partnership with World Vision conducted a BASIC Outreach Program, an avenue for the organization to give back to the community and reach out to those less fortunate youth, at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC), Agham Road, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City last March 23, 2015.

            To hype up everyone’s mood, the NECATs danced to the NCSIW 2014 Dance so that the children can follow. A lecture on some facts and trivia about engineering was given by PSYSC Finance Officer, Steven Michael Resma and was followed by fun, educational, and interactive activities on basic science concepts.

            The event catered around 60 children with ages ranging from 6-12 years old. The children actively participated and finished all the science-related workshops and games with the guidance and help from their Ates and Kuyas. Snacks and lunch were given to the children as well as simple tokens and gifts like books and a shirt. To wrap up the event, Annie Grace Bachiller, the organization’s Vice President for Internal Affairs delivered her closing remarks.

            PSYSC provided a fun-filled day with plenty of entertainment to the children. Seeing them smile and laugh even for a short period of time despite the weight of the loads they carry, I can say that PSYSC once again succeeded.

Article by Nikko Angelo dela Rosa

Spirit of Volunteerism

Do you believe that the smallest act of kindness could move mountains towards a better society? Do you believe that reaching out can change a life? Do you believe that every little thing we do goes a long way, which eventually ends up touching our hearts at the end of the day?

US President Barrack Obama once said, "The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”

I completely agree with what he said and by doing something for the benefit of other people, makes the spirit of volunteerism soar high in us. Being a volunteer entails compassion, genuine service, dedication and above anything else, selflessness. Nothing else feels greater than knowing you have been part in making a difference. Perhaps, most of us have this calling in life and that is to find our purpose. The spirit of volunteerism makes us realize that there is so much to life aside from the actuality that it is worth living for.

I remembered that when I was a kid, the virtue called initiative was highly encouraged to us. My teachers usually had these motivations which eventually led us to do something without being told. Little did I know, that the basic foundations manifested in those little situations have transformed into an ocean of willingness from droplets of helpfulness.

Personally, I have been part of several organizations during my first year in college but if I may have to be honest, only two endured –the one inside our university (PNU-InVoLB) and the one outside our university (PSYSC, Inc.). Though these two organizations may have different backgrounds of interest but guess what? Their common denominator is that they are both into volunteerism. Nothing else makes me more fulfilled than knowing that I have contributed to the needs of others. Sure, the spirit of volunteerism could really take me to places. Its soaring wings made me know a lot of people and enter opened opportunities we have come across all along this heartrending journey, but what really feels as the most gratifying sentiment at the end of every day, is that not only did I contribute in becoming catalysts of change in society, I also helped myself develop holistically by which I guess is the most important when growing as a person.

Let me end this article by quoting what the renowned Oprah Winfrey has said, “Everyone who has achieved some success in life was able to do so because something or someone served as a beacon of light. What seems to be an endless cycle of generational poverty and despair can be broken if each is willing to be a light to the other. When you learn, teach. When you get, give because love means nothing if you don’t share it.” Again, love means nothing if you don’t share it. And that my friend, is the true spirit of volunteerism.

Article by Samantha May Gabrielle B. Ugsod

PSYSC Conducts BASIC-O to PWDs in Cainta

TIME TO WORK! The ates and kuyas encourage the children of the PWDs to finish the bridge.

Last March 15, 2015, the PSYSC held the BASIC Outreach (BASIC-O) to the Persons With Disability (PWDs) of Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc. located in Cainta, Rizal.

The BASIC Outreach involved a mini lecture on engineering discussed by student volunteer Steven Resma. Science tricks were demonstrated by student volunteer Nissi Buenaobra. The outreach also featured a special workshop on bridge-making where our Kuyas and Ates facilitated and guided every working team. The team that made the bridge that can support the most weight received a special prize. Aside from the science spectacles, intermission numbers were showcased both by the student volunteers and the Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc. communitySnacks and lunch were served as well.

GROUP EFFORT. The PWDs of Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc. delegate tasks to finish the workshop quickly.
GROOVE TO THE BEAT. The children of the PWDs showcased their dancing skills during the BASIC-O at Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc.

The event went all through half of the day where the PSYSC ended the outreach with the giving of simple tokens and certificate of appreciation to the beneficiaries of Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc. The community greatly thanked PSYSC for the happiness brought to them. The PSYSC then thanked them back for the opportunity of giving back to the community.

Article by Neil Patrick Laguilles
Photos by Christine Paulma

PSYSC Launches its Very Own Organization Catalog

PSYSC recently launched its very own organization catalog during the 43rd Anniversary Dinner, March 8, 2014. The organization catalog is basically a primer on what the organization is all about. It contains the organization's mission, vision, activities, history, and other important information about the organization.

To know more, please view the embedded reader below, or click this link.

The Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs will also launch its new website soon.

Laking PSYSC - My NSCM Summit Experience


            “Laking PSYSC, talino’y inaalay para sa kabataan,
            Laking PSYSC,masaya kami at palakaibigan,
            Laking PSYSC,kasama ang hiwaga ng agham,
            Sa PSYSC, nakilala kita..”

These are some of the lyrics included in the song Laking PSYSC. These lyrics may just be phrases to others but it actually displays a deep meaning.

Indeed, joining PSYSC Summit was one of the great experiences that have been a part of my high school life. It all started when I was a sophomore student and I decided to join the National PSYSC Summit in Philippine Science High School – Bicol Campus at Goa, Camarines Sur. It was then where the Summit for Region V was conducted. Neophyte as I am, I was really excited of what will happen during the camp. Only to found out that there were exciting workshops, really mind-challenging subcamp quiz competition, fun ice breakers and also really accommodating subcamp facilitators and members. There was a pledge night and also socials night where we enjoyed different games that were really fun. We were accompanied by our warmhearted advisers, Mr. Ronaldo Reyes and Mrs. Agnes Barsaga.

I was then a facilitator when I was a junior student and the camp was held at Tabaco National High School, Tabaco City. It was the second year I joined PSYSC Summit. I’ve experienced quite different from the others brought by the fact that we were the facilitators. Different responsibilities were put unto our shoulders throughout the summit. Despite of being a facilitator, I still enjoyed the summit.

The summit was organized by the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs-Tabaco National High School under the advisory of the ever-dedicated advisers, Mr. Ronaldo Reyes and Mrs. Agnes Barsaga. The National Committee of PSYSC assisted the whole team during the camp.

Now, it’s my third year of joining this summit and I am still a facilitator. The summit was held same as of last year’s school venue. It may seem to be at the same ground but the fun never been the same. Instead, it has multiplied throughout the summit. The summit was again organized by the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs-Tabaco National High School under the advisory of the enthusiastic advisers, Mr. Ronaldo Reyes and Mrs. Agnes Barsaga. The National Committee of PSYSC also helped the whole team throughout the camp.

“Sa PSYSC,naging kaibigan kita
            Sa PSYSC ay sumama ka na.”
These experiences have developed not only my skills and talents but also myself as a whole. The summit has been a part of my life.  I’ve learned many lessons in this summit and I will forever cherish these experiences.

The whole experience wasn’t fulfilled without the caring advisers, Mr. Ronaldo Reyes and Mrs. Agnes Barsaga and the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs- Tabaco National High School.

With these, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who helped me in making this experience possible. 

Team Aros Kamote wins PSYSC Sportsfest 2013

by VJ Bullecer

 Shades of red claim the crown as shades of blue and yellow of Philippine Society Youth Science Club Inc. (PSYSC) battle it out with wits, talent and plain strength in this year’s PSYSC Sportsfest.

The event was done on November 17 & 24 and December 1, and was held on University of the Philippines- Diliman (UP Diliman) campus. To increase camaraderie in the organization, the committees’ members—Internals, Externals, Marketing, Publicity and Affiliations—were divided into three teams namely the Team Aros Kamote (red), Team Amarella Patatas (yellow) & Team Azurine Labanos (blue). 

Major and minor events were done in this year’s Sportsfest which is organized by the Internals Committee of the organization. For each major event, a score of 100 points is given to the one who places first, 70 points for the second placer and 50 points for the third placer. For the minor events, 50 points is awarded to the first placer, 30 points for the second placer and 20 points for the third placer.

On the first day of the Sportsfest, major events include Cheering Competition, Fun Race and Banner Making. On the second day of the event, major events include Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee and Volleyball. Minor events include Taboo and Upwords.

After the first and second day of the Sportsfest, Aros Kamote leads with 550 points, followed by Amarella Patatas with 483 points and Azurine Labanos with 375 points. On the third day, major events include Patintero, Catch the Dragon’s Tail, Frisbee and Agawan Base while the minor events include Chinese Garter, Chess and Monopoly Deal. Kamote grabs the first place in all of the major events except in Catch the Dragon’s Tail wherein both Labanos and Patatas tie for 100 points. Patatas wins for both Monopoly Deal and Chinese Garter and all teams are tied in the game of chess.

Aros Kamote headed by Paolo Aligaen leads the team to victory with 1013.3 points, followed by Amarella Patatas headed by Meliton Chiong with 891.3 points. Azurine Labanos headed by Stessi Geganzo garners third place with 703.3 points.

PSYSC Watches the Girl on Fire

by Nikka Cunom
Last November 21 one of the most internationally anticipated movies this 2013 – Catching Fire – was launched. The movie based on the second book in Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games trilogy made everybody thrilled and excited to go watch it. That includes the ate’s and kuya’s of PSYSC. At least thirty eager volunteers marched to Trinoma on the said movie’s premiere day to witness for themselves the much awaited sequel.

The movie was great but watching it with the company of their fellow members made it greater. This was a great opportunity for them to bond and spend time with each other. Continue reading to know what the NECATs thought of this experience.

Kim Lazo:
Let's face it. After numerous counts, it is safe to assume that movie adaptations are poor comparisons to the book versions. They are failed attempts and definitely ruin the story. But that is not the case with this one. I am not a movie connoisseur but I can say confidently that the movie lived up to its hype. I was very excited to watch it and it didn't disappoint me. I'd like to think myself as a fan and as a fan of the trilogy, it was faithful to the book to some extent. It was worth it to watch. Catching Fire lit my admiration for the book and author once more. And it definitely ended my day with a bang.  PS. Of course, Jennifer Lawrence is a big plus plus. 

Meliton Chiong III:
I was really glad and excited. It was a long time that I saw my fellow NECATs and at last, that was the time to feed my separation anxiety. 
A few minutes before the movie screening, one of the NECATs took pictures of us, although I'm not really sure if it's legal. But since lights are flashing from the camera and our attention weren't caught yet, I did not care. I'm having a good time posing. The movie started and everybody was silent. Throughout the movie, my seatmates and I were having side comments. We had fun laughing at the funny scenes; gasping, screaming, and shouting whenever suspense came up. I just hope we did not greatly disturb other people.
It was all worth it. The movie was so great! I had no regret! We took group pictures with each other. I was really having fun, and I can see that the people watching us pose and smile are having fun too. I regret nothing for spending my night with PSYSC.

UNLEASH: Bringing Out the Best in You

The Cagayan State University Andrews Campus Energetic Moulders Coed's Club, known as EMC^2, conducted "UNLEASH: Bringing Out the Best in You" a Seminar-Workshop on Team Building, Public Speaking, and Study Habits Enhancement on August 17, 2013.

In order to empower all of its members to become better students and help them with their chosen fields through the guidance of their advisers and their co-clubbers, the EMC^2 has conducted a seminar-workshop that would unleash the potential of its members and all interested students of the college. The Seminar-Workshop, entitled "Unleash: Bringing Out the Best in You" focused on subjects such as Team-Building, Public Speaking, and Study Habits Enhancement. This activity is a Legacy Event of the Club. It also served as an Income Generating Project to raise funds for the future ventures of the club. It was organized and facilitated by the officers of the club and the 4th year Physical Science majors.

The workshop started with the Team Building experience with Mr. PJ Cabanos, Campus Director of Lifebox Tuguegarao as the speaker. There were games such as Picture Relay, Command and Conquer, Human Basketball and Straw Tower which focused on the values of connection, courage, competence and character. For the Public Speaking workshop, Mrs. Eloisa Mabborang, a teacher from Linao National High School, delivered a presentation on "10 Easy Guides in Public Speaking" and "10 Annoying Public Speaking Habits". For the last workshop, "Enhancing the Study Habits", the participants and organizers became the speakers themselves.

As the participants left the auditorium, EMC^2 thought that they have become a new being by being empowered and having unleashed their potentials.

Article from UNLEASH: Bringing Out the Best in You Terminal Report as prepared by Mr. Ernesto Carcasona, the EMC2 Finance Secretary and Mr. Bryan M. Nozaleda, the EMC2 President.

CATALYST 2013 issue

The CATALYST 2013 issue is now available for online reading!
Please feel free to click the link below and read the news, feature, and entertainment articles from the Concerted Action Towards Active Leadership of the Youth in Science and Technology (CATALYST) released last February 2013.

BASIC Outreach in partnership with Bantay Bata

by Madonna Feliz Madrigal

A fun-filled and engaging BASIC Outreach happened on November 24, 2012 at the ABS CBN Compound, Mother Ignacia St., Quezon City in cooperation with Bantay Bata. Almost 90 kids were present with their parents and guardians. Ate Arriane Lacaba and Kuya RG Juraez became the masters of ceremony. The program started with a doxology rendered by Mayumi Morales, a special guest, which was followed by the opening remarks of Ate Hannie Lyn Talip.

Science lectures were presented which tackled facts about the animal kingdom, digestive system and the solar system. Perkiness in participating and eagerness to learn were seen in the kids. They raised their hands to answer questions or sometimes, because of feeling of excitement, they blurt out the answers in chorus. To add up to this excitement, science tricks were performed. The tricks were Blowing up a Balloon With Baking Soda and Vinegar, P¬opping Balloon and Blooming Flower. It was amazing how some of the kids knew what will happen to those tricks. It was evident on their faces that they enjoyed the activities.

The last and most exciting part of this outreach was the Interactive Workshop. They got the chance to learn as they apply the information from the science lectures hands-on. Smiles and voices from each group filled the room as they cheered their hearts out. The sight of the kids enjoying the activity was worth everything. In line with this, Bantay Bata asked PSYSC to have an annual outreach for the kids.

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